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22 (2019)

Solo Exhibition at Goodspace Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Creative Direction, Styled & Photographed by yours truly

Featuring Priscilla Cui, Phillip Dupesovski, Loc Nguyen, Laura Peacock, Harry Poeder, Jake Starr, William Tran & Crystal Yiamkiati

22 is an homage to Sydney. For me, it’s saying bye and thanks for being a great place to be born and have grown up. Sometimes, we can dread a place (so full of comfort) to the point where we move, but moving away is still sad (and extremely scary).


This collection of works documents friendships between two entities through a photographic medium. The tension between two, the co-existence of both and the reliance of one another. Each is very sentimental and mirrors myself and my departure from Sydney.


Moving from a place of comfort to one beyond is a defining moment for me which I have chosen to acknowledge through the sentimentality of pairs. Pairs are significant in terms of you & me, me & Sydney, Sydney & the new city, and the act of moving from one place to another… it’s funny because this year I’m 22! 2 pairs of 2s…wow…coincidence?


May the series 22 remind you to do the things that you are scared of because you are scared of them.

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