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/ (2018)

Chosen by the Australian Design Centre for "Designing Bright Futures 2019" Exhibition

22 November 2018 - 23 January 2019, Australian Design Centre, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia.

Old Single Bed Sheet, Aluminium Buttons, Thread.
Featuring Monisha Chippada, Theo Delaney, Georgie Wood-Weber & Katherine Zhang.
Photography by Marisa Suen.
Videography by Marisa Suen.

/ is Marisa Suen’s Bachelor of Design (Honours) Graduating Work.

/ explores the tension between stagnation and progress through a continuous shifting change of constructing/deconstructing/reconstructing. This is done through textiles as an analytical device to interrogate space as a material medium which constantly blurs the spatial boundaries of body and object. The process for the maker, wearer and viewer through interaction and movement are a mutating experience, highlighting the relatable human body as an initiator of space and thus, space realising itself through movement.

/ is a 150x260cm old single bed sheet, with alternating rows of aluminium buttons and button holes on both sides. These buttons and buttonholes with their fundamental function removed, allow a constant possibility of folding space in various forms through interaction and movement.The relational contact of our bodies allow these boundaries of object and body to be dissolved. Thus, it is a mutating experience where space becomes a material medium through a 2D to 3D transformation.

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